A bit like peppermint liqueur, the beer at 2am in the province pub, or the late night conversation till 9am in the kitchen, Immersion still hangs between the ever-invoked, corrupted youth and the questioned relationship of an individual in society.
Daniel Greber , Tobias B. Bacherle, Fabian Glück, Yannick Patzolt and Christian Schmitt formed Immersion in Stuttgart in 2011 and have been pushing social boundaries with their music ever since.
The five Immersion boys are not afraid to jump on and off the stage invoking a high-energy and an infectious fun attitude at their shows.

“Quite young and really in demand: Immersion just knows how to enthuse the audience!”

The Soundcheck-Magazin state already in it’s 03/2013 issue calling Immersion one of the “most interesting Newcomers”

Their unique music discusses the always present balancing act of time and the break from social criticism, with philosophical-inspired themes.
The Immersion boys hope to follow in the footsteps of successful bands like ‘Enter Shikari’, ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ or ‘Madison Affair’, while they are not afraid to look at their music and performances as art and have found their own unique sound and following with their daring unconventional ways.


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